Financial News that Move the Share Prices

The prices of shares react rapidly to the market moving news. Thus, it is important to keep ourselves updated with the latest news, especially during the trading hours. Not staying in touch with the latest news will lead to missed opportunities or financial losses. 
We can use the News Alert feature …

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Road Blocks in the Buy & Sell Queues

When we buy or sell our shares, we would want to transact at the best price. At the same time, we must ensure that we queue at a price level where our orders will be done. Queuing at an unfavourable price level will lead to our orders not done, thus …

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Identify the Strong Price Support Levels

In a falling price trend, we will see a short or long term rebound at significant support levels. We can execute our take-profit/cut-loss trades after the price rebounds from the support levels. Price supports are likely to form at:  

The historical price peaks or bottoms
The Fibonacci Retracement levels

We are able …

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Shares Buyback For Listed Companies

Listed companies buy back the company shares when they feel that the shares are trading at fair value or undervalued. The shares bought back by the companies can be used for the following purposes.
1. Write Off the Company’s Shares
By doing this, the total number of issued and paid …

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Buy Growth Stocks, Not Dividend Stocks

When we buy shares for long term investment, we will look for stocks with high dividend payout. However, the price trend of certain dividend stocks is on a continuous downtrend. If we invest in such companies, our capital loss will be more than the dividend payout received.     
To secure our …

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Know The Broker’s Buy/Sell Calls

Before we buy or sell our shares, it will be good if we know the brokers’ recommendations for the counter. It tells us the market sentiment of the counter and thus allowing us to gauge the profit margin based on the potential upside/downside.  
With the Consensus Estimates feature in ShareInvestor …

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Earnings Per Share

The Earnings Per Share (EPS) can be found at the following sections of ShareInvestor WebPro and Station:

EPS represents the portion of a company’s net profits, based on the last fiscal year earnings as reported, allocated to each ordinary share. A widely used metric to determine a company’s profitability, EPS is …

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Forex & Futures In ShareInvestor WebPro & Station

The oil & gas companies listed in SGX are badly hit by the falling oil prices. The oil price peaked in Jun 2014 and has embarked on a downtrend since then. The Brent Oil price plunged from a high of USD114 per barrel in Jun 2014 to a 12 years …

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