Opportunities In The Bear Market

We note that the STI had fallen substantially in the last 6 months.  The actual price movements are as follows:

There was a major dip in August in 2015, a partial recovery in October 2015 and a precipitous fall since the start of 2016.

If we can generate a list of companies …

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Identifying Uptrending Companies On Breakout

One way to identify breakout counters is by using the Moving Average Bullish Crossover. To ensure that the breakout is genuine, it should be substantiated with high volume. Bullish Moving Average Crossovers without high volume may signify a short term price correction and the stock may resume its downtrend after …

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Pick Profitable Stocks With ShareInvestor Market Screener

Is regular dividend payout an important criterion for you when investing in a company?
If your answer is yes, another criterion you may want to consider is to avoid companies that have a large amount of debt as the investment risk will be higher. Companies with a large debt face …

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