What are Leading, Lagging & Coincident Indicators?

We always hear about how indicators can help us in trading. However, knowing how to use indicators but not understanding their basics will not get you anywhere. The following are some useful information which will help you in your trading journey.    

Leading Indicator
Leading indicators are information that will predict future …

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Cash Flow Analysis

Operating Cash Flow
A measure of the amount of cash generated by a company’s normal business operations. Operating cash flow is important because it indicates whether a company is able to generate sufficient positive cash flow to maintain and grow its operations, or whether it may require external financing.
Investing Cash Flow …

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Tap on the Wisdom of Crowds

“Wisdom is in the Crowd.  Their knowledge, your gain.”
Crowdsource Estimates
Have you ever wondered what this is? You might have noticed this as something new in the following sections of ShareInvestor WebPro and Station.

Consensus Estimates

Crowdsource Estimates on InvestingNote are stock estimates made individually by its registered members, who may be remisiers, …

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New Feature Launched: Trailing Twelve Months Financials

In case you have not yet noticed, ShareInvestor now boasts of providing you with Trailing Twelve Months Financials. You can check out this feature for yourself by going to Financials and setting the Financials Filter to “Full Year”. …

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Transactions Of Directors And Substantial Shareholders

At times, we do see substantial shareholders or Directors/CEO of listed companies buying or selling the shares of a company. There are many reasons why these parties will sell the shares of their own company. Some reasons include:
        1. The company is not doing well
        2. Liquidate shares to …

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Opportunities In The Bear Market

We note that the STI had fallen substantially in the last 6 months.  The actual price movements are as follows:

There was a major dip in August in 2015, a partial recovery in October 2015 and a precipitous fall since the start of 2016.

If we can generate a list of companies …

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The Dashboard Of Stocks

In 2015, the STI dropped more than 15%, making Singapore one of the worst performing markets in Asia. As we start the New Year, a common advice given by the various brokers is to adopt a defensive stance for our investment. One research report threw up a few familiar names …

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Identifying Uptrending Companies On Breakout

One way to identify breakout counters is by using the Moving Average Bullish Crossover. To ensure that the breakout is genuine, it should be substantiated with high volume. Bullish Moving Average Crossovers without high volume may signify a short term price correction and the stock may resume its downtrend after …

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