Dividend-In-Specie describes the distribution of an asset in its present form, rather than selling it and distributing the cash. In-specie distribution is made when cash is not readily available, or allocating the physical asset is the better alternative.

Keppel Corp (BN4)

Source: ShareInvestor.com

Keppel Corp spun off K-Green Trust on 29 Jun 2010. Keppel Corp made a dividend-in-specie to its shareholders of 1 K-Green Trust unit for every 5 ordinary shares of Keppel Corp held.

On 18 Jun 2010, the day Keppel went ex-entitlement, the following formula is used to adjust the chart to account for the effects of the Dividend-In-Specie.

(Closing Price Per Share of Keppel Corp – Price Per Unit of  K-Green Trust)
Closing Price Per Share of Keppel Corp                               

Corporate Actions at ShareInvestor.com

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Source: ShareInvestor.com