Introduction To ShareInvestor Educational Series

Dear Members

We have always received lots of queries from our users. While some of these are on the usage of our various tools and services, a large number of the queries are on the interpretation of the various financial data (for example what does “Dividend Payout Ratio” means) in our products.

ShareInvestor is pleased to announce that we will be starting our own ShareInvestor Educational Series. The ShareInvestor Educational Series is a blog with the following objectives:

  • To explain in layman terms the concept and interpretation of the various financial jargons which we are using on our website.
  • To guide our users on how to use the various features offered in ShareInvestor.

For the more technical savvy folks, you can keep track of the new entries in your RSS reader with this feed URL:

To start off, we have posted 2 articles.

The first article is on the new Beta calculation which we have just introduced to all members. During the market downtrend, some of the research analysts are recommending investors to switch to low beta stocks. So what is beta and how do we use it?

Secondly, we have an article on one of the most basic fundamental ratio, the P/E ratio. Although it may sound simple, there are a number of different P/E ratios around. For example in ShareInvestor, we offer both the Historical P/E and the Rolling P/E. Understand the differences between these two types of P/E ratios and how we should use them.

Good luck and all the best in your investments!

ShareInvestor Administrator