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The oil & gas companies listed in SGX are badly hit by the falling oil prices. The oil price peaked in Jun 2014 and has embarked on a downtrend since then. The Brent Oil price plunged from a high of USD114 per barrel in Jun 2014 to a 12 years low of USD27 per barrel in January this year. After which, it rebounded to the price range of USD40 to USD50 per barrel.

With the Futures prices available in ShareInvestor WebPro & Station, you can now plot the Brent Oil price against the oil & gas counters on the same chart for price trend comparison.

Case Study

The price of Keppel Corp plunged with the oil prices. Since July 2014, the oil price fell approximately 57% and the price of Keppel Corp fell 49%. With the fall in the oil prices, companies in the transport industry benefit the most. Their operational cost is lowered and thus a higher profit margin is achieved. Since July 2014, the price of SIA increased approximately 7%.

The following Dynamic Chart shows the price comparison of Brent Oil, Keppel Corp and SIA.

With the falling oil price, Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) depreciated against the Singpore Dollars (SGD) as well. Malaysia’s economy is affected as it is an oil-producing country. The following chart shows the trend of SGD/MYR.

Commodities (1 Year Price Trend)


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