Know The Broker’s Buy/Sell Calls

Before we buy or sell our shares, it will be good if we know the brokers’ recommendations for the counter. It tells us the market sentiment of the counter and thus allowing us to gauge the profit margin based on the potential upside/downside.  

With the Consensus Estimates feature in ShareInvestor WebPro and Station, we are able to know the recommendations for the various counters. It consolidates the recommendations of more than 200 local and international brokers. Consensus Estimates provide us with:  

  • Buy/Sell Recommendation
  • Mean Target Price
  • Potential Upside or Downside


Case Study 1: M1 Limited

The share price of M1 hit a low of $2.33 on 24th May 2016. At that time, the target price for M1 is approximately $2.80. In less than 2 months, the share price of M1 goes to a high of $2.89 (achieved on 13th Jul 2016). This is $0.09 higher than the brokers’ target price of $2.80. A price gain of $0.56 (24%) is achieved.

 Case Study 2: Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX)

On 24th Jun 2016, the share price of SGX hit a low of $7.25. At that time, the target price for SGX is $7.89. In less than a month’s time, the share price of SGX goes to a high of $7.84 (achieved on 18th Jul 2016). This is $0.05 away from the brokers’ target price of $7.89. A price gain of $0.59 (8.14%) is achieved.

With Consensus Estimates, you are able to:

  • Identify the top 10 Buy and Sell counters  
  • View more than 30 forward financials for listed companies
  • Know the Consensus Estimates of your portfolio stocks at a glance


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The mentioned stock should not be taken as an advice to buy or sell. Each user should go through with his usual self-analysis of his risk appetite and perform additional due diligence before making any investment or trading decision. Your Trading Representative should be consulted before making any financial decision.