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Is regular dividend payout an important criterion for you when investing in a company?

If your answer is yes, another criterion you may want to consider is to avoid companies that have a large amount of debt as the investment risk will be higher. Companies with a large debt face higher liquidity and insolvency risks when the following scenarios happen:

  • Their business suffers from cyclical downturns
  • When the cost of debt rises significantly
  • Credit is simply not available when maturing debt is due for re-financing.

As such, it would be prudent to ensure that the dividend stocks which you intend to invest in has little or no debt.  

ShareInvestor Market Screener can help you to filter a list of dividend stocks with little or no debt using the following suggested criteria. 

  • Net debt less than $1,000,000 for the past 5 years; AND
  • Dividend yield more than 5% for the past 5 years.

10 records were found with the ShareInvestor Market Screener. Are you surprised to learn that the company that tops the charts based on the above criteria is not a very well-known stock called CDW? Other companies that fit the criteria includes Global Inv and Hotung.

Comparison Stats as at 18 Nov 2015

(Top 3 companies by Dividend Yield)

ShareInvestor Market Screener:

If you have not tried out the ShareInvestor Market Screener, you may have missed out on many good investing opportunities. A quick recap on our capabilities:

  • Able to perform concurrent screens of FA, TA and Consensus Estimates criteria
  • Technical indicators are fully customisable and screening is based on real-time information
  • Allows screening for trends based on current and previous years
  • Able to save and reuse your screening criteria easily
  • Works with AND & OR criteria scans

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Disclaimer: The screen results are not to be taken as advice to buy or sell the identified stocks. Each user should go through with his usual self-analysis of his risk appetite and perform additional due diligence before making any investment or trading decision. The progression to become an expert user using this Screener tool is limited only by his capacity to learn and profit from his live experience using ShareInvestor to invest and trade.