Financial News that Move the Share Prices

The prices of shares react rapidly to the market moving news. Thus, it is important to keep ourselves updated with the latest news, especially during the trading hours. Not staying in touch with the latest news will lead to missed opportunities or financial losses. 
We can use the News Alert feature …

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SGX Minimum-Trading-Price Rule Kicks In

Foreword from ShareInvestor
This article “SGX Minimum-Trading-Price Rule Kicks In” by Grace Leong was first published in The Straits Times on 02 Mar 2015 and is reproduced in this blog in its entirety.

Affected firms have one year to bring share price above 20 cents
THE Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) contentious new rule setting a minimum …

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Share Consolidations And Share Splits

What are Share Consolidations?
Share Consolidation, also known as “Reverse Stock Split”, is an exercise undertaken by the company to reduce the total number of shares in issue while simultaneously increasing the nominal or par value of each share.
In a Share Consolidation exercise, the number of consolidated shares which existing …

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