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Crowdsource Estimates

Have you ever wondered what this is? You might have noticed this as something new in the following sections of ShareInvestor WebPro and Station.

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Crowdsource Estimates on InvestingNote are stock estimates made individually by its registered members, who may be remisiers, retail investors and brokers, instead of institutions such as the broking houses. Members can call a target price for any stock and specify the time frame required to achieve the target price. Crowdsource Estimates allow you to know the market sentiment of a particular stock among your peers (other investors) and thus contribute to the considerations when making investment decisions.  Crowdsource Estimates from InvestingNote, where applicable, are auto-pulled into your ShareInvestor Portfolio. ShareInvestor will only show the estimates with reasonable returns only (defined as less than or equal to 80%).

Hyflux Limited (Buy Target)

Using an actual example with Hyflux, a member made an estimate on 4th Feb 2016 when the price was $0.515. The target price of $0.61 was to be achieved within 90 days (by 4th May 2016) and would yield an estimated return of 18.45%. On 9th Mar 2016, Hyflux price surged and the target price was hit. This Hit was within the time frame set (90 days) and goes into the “Hit” record of the estimator (Mingsheng).  

Note:  The complete estimates records of any member who had ever made an estimation before (Ongoing and Expired Hits/Misses/Stop Loss) on InvestingNote can be retrieved from the member’s profile.)  Estimates can be searched by stock name as well. Stock data on InvestingNote are powered by ShareInvestor.

Thai Beverage Public Co Ltd (Sell Target)

A member estimated that Thai Beverage would drop to $0.73 (-5.19%) within the time frame of 21 days from an entry price of $0.78 on 6th Mar 2016. Target price was hit on 18th Mar 2016, which is within the stipulated timeframe. The result is a Hit.

Crowdsource Estimates allows you to

  • Discuss and debate on the target prices of the Market Estimates made with the estimator and other members
  • Gauge the sentiment of specific stocks among your peers (other investors) through the ensuing discussion
  • Have an indication of the possible upsides and downsides

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Content in Crowdsource Estimates are provided and powered by InvestingNote and the estimates are made by their users. The views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ShareInvestor Pte Ltd nor any related companies of ShareInvestor Pte Ltd. These content are for information purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. You should consult your Trading Representative before making any financial decisions.