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In 2015, the STI dropped more than 15%, making Singapore one of the worst performing markets in Asia. As we start the New Year, a common advice given by the various brokers is to adopt a defensive stance for our investment. One research report threw up a few familiar names like Venture, ST Engineering, Singtel, SATS and CapitaLand.

Let the ShareInvestor Factsheet be your guide before making any investment decision. Using Venture as an example, you would be able to quickly compare and validate the following essential facts provided in the broker’s report with the ShareInvestor Factsheet:

The above example is just a quick summary of the key stats. To fully appreciate the Factsheet capabilities, click here to view the complete Venture Factsheet in PDF format (generated on 21 Jan 2016). 

The Factsheet in ShareInvestor offers key fundamental & technical information all aggregated on one single page. We at ShareInvestor are proud of our dedicated team delivering an accurate and updated database to generate the entries in the Factsheet for your use. In particular, we set high standards for ourselves:

  • Factsheet available for companies listed in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, US, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia
  • Updates of financial reports within 3 working days of release
  • Per share data based on the latest outstanding and treasury shares, updated daily
  • Insider trades, company buybacks and corporate events updated within one day of announcement
  • Up to 10 years of financial reports for download (available for Singapore and Malaysia stocks only)

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The mentioned stocks should not be taken as an advice to buy or sell. Each user should go through with his usual self-analysis of his risk appetite and perform additional due diligence before making any investment or trading decision. Your Trading Representative should be consulted before making any financial decision.