Transactions Of Directors And Substantial Shareholders

At times, we do see substantial shareholders or Directors/CEO of listed companies buying or selling the shares of a company. There are many reasons why these parties will sell the shares of their own company. Some reasons include:

        1. The company is not doing well

        2. Liquidate shares to reinvest in other business opportunities

However, there is only 1 reason why the key stakeholders buy the share of their own company.

        1. They feel that the share price is at fair value or undervalued, and see a potential growth in the share price.

The Insider Trades feature in ShareInvestor WebPro and Station tells us the transactions of the key stakeholders. With this information, we are able to identify the companies with growth potential. 

Looking through the insider trades done in Dec 2015, we notice that the CEOs of 2 listed companies have been buying shares of their company. The 2 companies are:  

        1. Osim International

        2. Ho Bee Land

Osim International

View all Insider Trades of Osim

Ho Bee Land

View all Insider Trades of Ho Bee

The Insider Trades feature allows us to identify:

        1. The substantial shareholder who is buying or selling

        2. Number of shares transacted

        3. Date of transaction

        4. Closing price

        5. Percentage of shares held after trade

        6. Analyse trends & patterns over time


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